Ether Yields Outshine Bank Deposits: Bernstein

• The new crypto cycle will be about Ether yields as investors look to Ether staking for higher returns.
• Following the Shanghai upgrade, the amount of Ether staked has increased by 2%.
• Banks make money from not sharing yields with savers while Ethereum shares all that it makes with stakers.

The New Crypto Cycle: All About Ether Yields

Ether (ETH) yields are becoming increasingly attractive for investors as pressure on zero-yield generating bank deposits continues, according to a research report from Bernstein. With U.S. Treasury money markets offering peak rates, Ethereum’s deflationary economy and direct link to ecosystem activity have made ETH deposits an attractive option for investors seeking yield in this new crypto cycle.

Ether Staking Trends Post Shanghai Upgrade

Following the Shanghai upgrade, Ether staking trends have surpassed expectations with over 15% of total ETH now being staked, an increase of 2% since the upgrade. This indicates that there is no supply overhang and highlights Ethereum’s potential for users looking to earn yields through staking their ETH tokens.

Advantages Over Bank Deposits

Unlike bank deposits which generate no yield, Ethereum shares all that it makes with its stakers and does not dilute its monetary policy – making it an appealing option for those looking to maximize their returns in this new crypto cycle. Furthermore, any hard landing or decline in rates leading to USD debasement would make ETH yields particularly attractive due to its deflationary nature.

Increased Adoption from Retail and Institutional Investors

The increasing level of adoption from both retail and institutional investors further demonstrates the potential of ETH yields in this next crypto cycle. As more users turn towards Ethereum as a viable source of income through yield farming or other activities linked to its ecosystem, demand for ETH deposits and associated yields is likely to grow even further.


As banks continue to offer low-interest savings accounts while treasury money markets offer peak rates denominated in fiat currencies such as the US dollar, Ether holders are presented with an attractive alternative – maximizing their returns through ether staking while also taking advantage of Ethereum’s deflationary economics. With increased adoption from both retail and institutional investors driving demand even higher, this new crypto cycle looks set to be all about ether yields!

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