CoinDesk Apologizes for Error: Alex Grebnev Sued Story

• CoinDesk has apologized to Alex Grebnev after publishing an article which contained a false statement about him.
• The article stated that he was involved in misconduct, which was not the case.
• CoinDesk has taken down the article and will not republish it.

CoinDesk Apologizes to Alex Grebnev

CoinDesk has issued a public apology to Alex Grebnev after publishing an article containing a false statement about him.

Misrepresentation of Allegations

On May 25, 2023, CoinDesk published the story „Alameda-Backed ‘Samcoins’ CEO Alex Grebnev Sued by Coin Telegraph Owner Gregory Fishman“. These two individuals are currently engaged in a lawsuit at the High Court in London concerning the meaning and effect of an option agreement from 2020 worth US$750,000. The story misrepresented Mr. Fishman’s claims in the lawsuit and wrongly accused Mr. Grebnev of misconduct.

Retraction of Article

CoinDesk immediately removed the erroneous article from their website and have promised not to republish it.

Unconditional Apology

The publication offered an unconditional apology for their mistake and made clear that they were happy to set the record straight.


In conclusion, CoinDesk has acknowledged their mistake and taken action to rectify it as best they can.

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