Genesis Filing for Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know

• 0xd62, a Genesis OTC Wallet, has been making large ETH transfers, one of which was the biggest ETH movement ever.
• Genesis Global Holdco LLC, the holding company of troubled cryptocurrency lender Genesis Global Capital, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after two of 2022’s biggest industry collapses.
• Lisa Bragança, former SEC Enforcement Branch Chief and Bragança Law Managing Partner, discusses what to expect from Genesis‘ first bankruptcy hearing and whether its trading business is free of liability.

0xd62, a Genesis OTC Wallet, has been making large ETH transfers recently, one of which was the biggest ETH movement ever. This wallet is owned by Digital Currency Group (DCG), the same company as the troubled cryptocurrency lender Genesis Global Capital. Just as the wallet was making its big transfers, the lender’s holding company, Genesis Global Holdco LLC, had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection due to two of the biggest industry collapses of 2022.

The filing of bankruptcy protection for the holding company has caused many to speculate about the future of the lender’s trading business. To get some answers, Lisa Bragança, former SEC Enforcement Branch Chief and Bragança Law Managing Partner, was asked to discuss what to expect from Genesis‘ first bankruptcy hearing and whether its trading business is free of liability.

In her comments, Bragança noted that the holding company’s bankruptcy filing puts all of its assets, liabilities, and claims under the jurisdiction of the court. This means that creditors and investors will be able to pursue claims against the holding company’s assets, and that any potential judgments or settlements would be enforced by the court.

However, Bragança also noted that it is possible that the trading business of Genesis Global Capital is free of liability. This is because the trading business is a separate entity from the holding company, and the liabilities and claims of the holding company do not necessarily extend to the trading business. As such, it is possible that the trading business could continue to operate and move money around the blockchain without being affected by the holding company’s bankruptcy.

At the same time, it is important to note that the trading business could still be affected by the bankruptcy proceedings. For example, if the holding company is unable to pay its creditors, the creditors may pursue claims against the assets of the trading business. Additionally, if any judgments or settlements are reached against the holding company, the assets of the trading business could also be affected.

Given these potential risks, it is important for investors and creditors to keep an eye on the developments of the bankruptcy proceedings. In addition, due to the potential risks posed to the trading business, it is important that investors and creditors take extra caution when engaging in any transactions with the trading business.

Overall, 0xd62, the Genesis OTC Wallet, has been making large ETH transfers recently, just as its corporate sibling filed for bankruptcy. While the trading business of Genesis Global Capital may be free of liability, investors and creditors should still be aware of the potential risks posed by the bankruptcy proceedings.

Argo Blockchain Avoids Bankruptcy, Shares Soar 14% After Regaining Nasdaq Compliance

Bullet Points:
– Bitcoin miner Argo Blockchain’s shares rose 14% after regaining Nasdaq listing compliance.
– The miner avoided potential bankruptcy after a late December deal with Galaxy Digital.
– Argo Blockchain met the requirement for Nasdaq listing when bids for its shares remained above $1 for 10 consecutive days.

Bitcoin miner Argo Blockchain recently achieved a major milestone when its shares regained listing compliance with Nasdaq, leading to a significant jump in the miner’s stock price. The miner was on the brink of bankruptcy late last year, but was able to avoid it due to a timely deal with Galaxy Digital. Thanks to the deal and the recent rise in the price of Bitcoin, the miner was able to meet Nasdaq’s requirement for listing when bids for its shares remained above $1 for 10 consecutive days.

Argo Blockchain, which is also listed on the London Stock Exchange, had encountered a major obstacle in December when Nasdaq notified the miner that its shares did not comply with listing rules due to closing bid prices for its stock being below $1 for 30 consecutive days. The miner was given until June 12 of this year to regain its listing privileges with Nasdaq before potentially being delisted from the exchange.

The miner’s share price had become a penny stock in the latter half of 2020, when its share price dipped as low as $0.38 on Dec. 16. This dip in price happened amid the crypto winter, which had caused a dramatic decline in the prices of most digital assets. It was this bearishness in the crypto market that had caused Argo Blockchain’s share price to slip.

However, things started to turn around late last year when Argo Blockchain struck a deal with Galaxy Digital, a major cryptocurrency and blockchain investment firm. As part of the deal, Galaxy Digital invested $18.5 million in Argo Blockchain, which allowed the miner to avoid potential bankruptcy and regain its listing privileges with Nasdaq.

The miner also benefited from the recent rise in the price of Bitcoin, which has been on an upswing since late 2020. Bitcoin’s price has increased significantly in 2021, reaching over $35,000 in recent weeks. This surge in the price of Bitcoin has helped to bolster the price of Argo Blockchain’s shares, which rose as much as 14% on Monday after the company regained listing compliance with Nasdaq.

Overall, Argo Blockchain has been able to turn around its fortunes, thanks to the timely deal with Galaxy Digital and the recent rise in the price of Bitcoin. The miner’s shares have been able to regain listing compliance with Nasdaq, and the miner is now well-positioned to benefit from the current bull market in the crypto space.

An In-Depth Forecast of England vs Germany

Being two of the most prestigious footballing nations on earth, England and Germany have long-standing rivalries that has only gotten more intense throughout the years. Both teams have played on the last day of 2018’s World Cup, the excitement anticipation for the game between these two nations is evident. The article below we’ll examine in depth the history and current of both teams as well as the major players that could be the difference in the match. We will also look at the strategies of both teams and examine the injuries that could alter the game before formulating a prediction for the game.

The history of England against. Germany

England as well as Germany first played each other in 1930. Since they first met, the two nations have played 34 games. In these matches, Germany have won 18 and England have won 8 with eight of them ending in draw. The most well-known match between the two nations occurred in the year 1966 World Cup Final, in which England defeated Germany 4-2 after extra time to take home the trophy.

Recent Form of Both Teams

England have enjoyed a successful run since their year 2018 World Cup, with their most impressive performance occurring in the UEFA Nations League, where they were runners-up following falling to Netherlands at the end of. They also took home wins in the last three games by beating Montenegro 5-1. They also beat the Czech Republic 5-0, and Bulgaria 4-1.

Germany On their own, has seen mixed results in the wake of their World Cup. They were eliminated from the Nations League in the semi-finals by the Netherlands and have been unable to defeat any of France or the Netherlands as well as France in their two most recent games. But, their recent performance is impressive with two wins and an draw in their final three games.

Key Players for England

England have many important players that can make a difference in this game. Harry Kane, the captain of the team, is considered to be one of the top strikers in the world and is usually the one who is the one who has the most impact on the team. Kane is joined by the players like Raheem Sterling Jadon Sancho and Declan Rice, who all are able to create opportunities and create goals.

Key Players for Germany

Germany has a number of stars who can make a an impact on the field. Manuel Neuer, the captain of the team, is the top goalie anywhere, as his role in the goal is crucial in the German team. Neuer is with the likes of Joshua Kimmich, Timo Werner as well as Toni Kroos, who will be looking to create opportunities as well as score goals.

Player Injuries

Each team has a lot of players currently suffering from injuries and will likely not be playing in the match. England is without the likes of Jordan Henderson, Dele Alli as well as Harry Winks, while Germany have players like Marco Reus, Leon Goretzka as well as Nico Schulz.

Tactical Analysis

Both teams will form a formation of 4-3-3 and with England trying to construct their attack from behind and being very aggressive in attacking. Germany is expected to prefer the possession-based football style and will try to take advantage of England’s weaknesses in counter-attack.


With the current situation and the players on the rosters of each team, it’s likely that this game will be one that is highly contested. England will try to make the most of their home fans and control the game, whereas Germany will try to make use of their knowledge and experience in order to prevail. The end result is that it’s likely that the game is decided with one goal and England beating Germany in a close match.

Everything You Need to Know About the Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Its Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the latest of a line of high-performance computers. It is a combination of the comfort of a laptop and the capability of a desktop, making it the ideal device for casual and professional users as well. With its elegant style, powerful technology and longer battery life The Surface Pro 7 is a device that does everything.

Display and Design

Surface Pro 7 Surface Pro 7 features a 12.3-inch PixelSense display with a resolution of 2736 1824 x 2736. It features an aspect ratio of 3:1, making it ideal for work as well as entertainment. Its display is colorful and bright as well as having an extensive viewing angle. This device’s style is sleek and light and easy to carry around. The device also features an integrated kickstand that lets you alter the angle of the screen for an improved viewing experience.

Hardware Specifications

Surface Pro 7 Surface Pro 7 is powered by the 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. Its hardware combination makes this device extremely efficient and responsive, allowing users to multitask effortlessly. It also features the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU that can run the majority of contemporary games on low setting. The device comes with an SSD of 256GB and provides ample storage space to store your photographs, documents and videos.

Software and Operating System

Surface Pro 7 Surface Pro 7 runs on Windows 10, the latest version of the most well-known operating system. It comes preloaded with several useful apps, including Microsoft Office, Skype, and many more. It also offers accessibility to Windows Store, which offers numerous different applications and games.

Battery Life

Surface Pro 7 Surface Pro 7 has an amazing battery life that can last as long as 10.5 hours. This means that you can use the device for a long time without worrying about charging. It is also compatible with fast charging which lets you recharge the phone from zero until 80% within less than an hour.


The phone comes with an 8MP camera on the rear and 5MP front-facing camera. The cameras can capture images and videos with outstanding clarity and quality.

Ports and Connectivity

Surface Pro 7 Surface Pro 7 comes with several ports and connections. These include the USB-C port as well as a USB-A port. a 3.5mm audio port, a microSD reader as well as the Surface Connect port. It also comes with the Bluetooth 5.0 as well as Wi-Fi 6., which is a wireless connection.


The cost for Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a bit higher than Microsoft Surface Pro 7 depends on the configuration you select. The basic model that comes equipped with an Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and an 128GB SSD costs about $799. The model that comes with the Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM as well as a larger 512GB SSD, retails at around $1,799.


Its Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is an impressive device that blends the comfort of a laptop and the capabilities of desktop. It is sleek in appearance, powerful hardware and a long battery which makes it an ideal device for work as well as entertainment. It also comes with a range of connections and ports in addition to accessibility to Windows Store. The price is contingent on the configuration you select, however it’s definitely worth it.

How Set ebay classifieds rating?

If you are able to rate users and you want to rate them, it will be displayed in the „RATE USER“ button will show up in your message overview as well as within the message within the message. You can rate a person once you’ve sent at minimum two messages to one another. The button for rating will show up for you within 24 hours.

What is the reason eBay’s classifieds ratings are not being displayed ?

If you’ve not established contact with another user through using the Ebay message system, then the option to rate will not be available. From that point you will are given 30 days in which to complete your review. The review will be displayed for the duration of the profile.1

How can I rate the eBay classifieds ?

How can I give a rating to someone? If you are able to rate an individual user then you can click the „RATE USER“ button will be displayed in the overview of your messages and within the message the message itself. You can rate a person when you’ve sent at least two messages to one other.

What is the eBay classifieds‘ rating for buyers?

If you’ve already been contacted by a different eBay classifieds user, click the three dots located in the upper right-hand part of chat history. … Click on“Profile“ from the „Profile of [username]“ option on the chat. You will be able to check how the particular user was rated last in the past by users.

How can I rate eBay classifieds?

If you’ve not established contact with another user through Ebay’s Ebay message system, then the option to rate will not be available. From that point you will are given 30 days in which to write your review. The rating will be displayed for the duration of the profile.11 The review will be displayed for 30 days.

How does ebay’s classifieds review determine who?

In the chat window, click“Profile of [username]“ in chat „Profile of [username]“ option. Then, you will be able to find out how the user was lastly evaluated by other users.18

How do i delete my account on ebay classifieds ?

About the eBay Classifieds App Go to Help and Go to Help Center. Choose „I would like to have my user account deleted“ or search for „Delete“. Complete the cancellation form , and select the date of deletion“S/01/19.“

How delete ebay classifieds account duration ?

After that, click „Send“. Once your request is processed, which , according to eBay could take up to 3 days, you’ll receive a deletion confirmation via email. May 20t

How can I Delete eBay classifieds account and re-register ?

If you are using eBay classifieds services, you are unable to remove your account using the settings. Instead, you must contact support: Click your eBay Classifieds Contact Form. On the „Your e-mail address“ field you must enter the email address that you used to sign up on eBay Classifieds.S

How long will it take for eBay classifieds to be live ?

Advertisement COMING ONLINE be notified by email once the advertisement goes live. It is easy to see when you look at the list of advertisements on our site beneath „Mine“. Be patient. This could be up to 24-hours.

How long until you will be live for ebay classifieds?

Because of technical reasons for technical reasons, it may take several hours for an advertisement to be displayed on the results page. It is also the case for ads which have only been updated. If your advertisement isn’t instantly visible We would appreciate your patience.

How long do ads remain on classifieds on eBay available ?

The ad will be displayed up to 60 days. You are able to remove the ad at any moment. One week prior to the time when the 60-day period is over You’ll be notified by email informing you that your ad’s nearing expiration.

How long will an eBay classified ad available ?

Your advertisement will run over a period of 60 days. You are able to remove an ad from the site at any point. Within a week of the day that the 60-day period is over You’ll get an email to remind you that your advertisement is close to expiring.

How long will it take for an ebay classified advertisement to go live ?

Advertisement TO BE POSTED ONLINE SOON You will be notified by email once the advertisement goes live. You will be able to easily find this on the summary of your advertisements on our site in the section titled „Mine“. Be patient. It could be up to 24-hours.

How is a long evaluation of eBay is it possible ?

You have 60 days from the date of a transaction to provide your rating and/or comments.

How long does eBay will they leave feedback?

Submit detailed seller ratings have 60 days following the transaction to post a rating and comments.

How much time can you give your rating ?

What is the maximum time I can give someone a rating? There is a period of 30 days for you to complete reviews. After that you can rate your review, but the option is removed permanently and automatically.

How long is the rate of eBay ?

There is a period of 30 days for you to write your review. After that you can rate your review, but the option is removed permanently and automatically.

How long is the rate for eBay ?

It takes 30 days from the time you complete an evaluation. After this period you can rate your review, but the option will be removed automatically and for all time.

How long on eBay can I leave a review?

Send feedback to eBay on eBay you can rate your purchases and sales for up to 60 days following the closing an auction. This lets you suggest sellers or buyers or write about any issues you have that were encountered during buying.

How to Enable WiFi in Windows 10

The article we’re going to look at different methods of enabling WiFi for Windows 10. As we go through this, we’ll also discover how to turn off WiFi by using the same techniques.

Computers and laptops today include wireless adapters and receivers. But, if you own an old desktop, it might be missing a wireless network adapter on it. If that is the case you should check the availability of it on your computer. Therefore, prior to looking for ways to enable Wi-Fi on your PC, make sure to check whether the device is installed on it.

When you’re sure of the Wi-Fi Network’s availability on hardware You can then look into the options we’ll talk about in the sections below.

Methods to Enable Wi-Fi

It’s pretty simple to disable or enable Wi-Fi on Windows 10. The methods you’ll discover in this article are easy to follow. Make sure you adhere to the directions given in the instructions. These are the steps:

Enable WiFi Through Keyboard Hotkey

Each keyboard nowadays comes with a hotkey that allows you to turn on or disable Wi-Fi networks. The hotkey usually features an Airplane logo. It is located on one functions keys located in the top row of the keyboard. When you locate the key, you’ll be able to hit it to switch Wi-Fi off or on your PC.

Keep in mind that you might or may not be required to use the Function key in conjunction with it. Fn key on your keyboard. It is the key Fn key is typically located in the lower row of keypads.

Press the airplane toggle button. If you are in the Airplane mode is turned on and you press the button, it will disable it. This means that WiFi will be activated and you’ll be able to see the Wi-Fi networks on your computer.

To turn off Wi-Fi by pressing the flight mode button then press the same key.

Set up WiFi via Taskbar

Windows Taskbar is where you can find many options available on your computer. The options will make using the Windows platform much easier. The Taskbar is located in the lower right corner part of your screen. Look to the right side in the Taskbar and look for the Internet access icon.

If the Wi-Fi has been disabled, you will typically see that highlighted symbol on the Taskbar which you need to click. A pop-up menu will appear like the one below. Check whether you can see if the WiFi symbol for the network is turned off. If it’s disabled, the WiFi icon will become blacked-out, as you can see below. To enable Wi-Fi networks simply select the Wi-Fi button.

When Wi-Fi is activated The Wi-Fi logo turns blue.

In the future, you’ll be able to identify the Wi-Fi network and join it from the Windows 10 PC.

To turn off Wi-Fi on the Taskbar To disable Wi-Fi from Taskbar, click the Wi-Fi icon once more. This will shut off your WiFi adapter. If it is disabled, the WiFi adapter is disabled, you can’t be able to connect to any wireless networks on your computer.

Make Wi-Fi available through the Settings app on Windows 10

The Settings app can also enable and disable WiFi networks Connectivity. Here’s how:

Step 1. Step 1: Open your WiFi Settings window by pressing the Windows + the keys at the same time.

Second step Step 2: On the Settings app, choose the Network and Internet selection.

Step 3. 3: In the newly created Wi-Fi Settings screen go to the panel to the left side and select the Wi-Fi option. Go to the right-hand side of the screen where you can click on the WiFi button, which is beneath the Wi-Fi name to activate Wi-Fi.

If you wish to turn off WiFi on Windows 10 through the Settings app follow the steps above, and then click the toggle switch in order to turn Wi-Fi off. When Wi-Fi is activated the toggle switch for Wi-Fi will look like the one illustrated in the image below:

You now are aware of how to enable Wi-Fi or deactivate it using the Settings app on Windows 10.

Closing Words

These are a few of the most commonly employed ways you can utilize to turn off or enable Wi-Fi on the Windows 10 PC. There are many other options also that you can utilize to turn Wi-Fi on or off on your computer, however, I think these should suffice.